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Bed Rails

Here you will find our range of bed rails. These supports are made to assist people getting in and out of bed with minimum strain. These are available in a number of designs, some with padded handles for greater user comfort. Some of our more populer bed rails include the Easylever and the Easy Riser models.
Offers additional safety and stability, allowing the user to access and exit the bed with ease.
Fits securely under the mattress, is adjustable in width and fits single and double beds.
Provides a simple to fit alternative that can be used on both slatted and divan beds.
Provides additional support for people when transfering on and off a profiling bed.
Provides additional support when getting in and out of bed.
The ergonomically designed handrail, allows user to easily and comfortably move from the lying to sitting and then to standing position.
The bed loop provides additional support when getting into and out of bed.
This sturdy bed rail offers stability to those who have difficulty getting in and out of bed.
Ultra sturdy bed grab rail, offering stability and confidence .
Bed grab rail suitable for slatted beds.
Detach from the base by two e-clips enables it to be positioned as required for either type of bed.
Designed to provide an economical alternative to bed rails. When the user is in bed, simply slide the Nightguard under the mattress.
The Beside Econorail is the most portable bed rail in the world.
This bed rail is designed with an adjustable telescopic tube which passes below the mattress.
The most portable bed rail on the market.
The Folding Easy Fit Bed Rail provides a simple to fit rail for slatted and divan beds.
The safety bed rail is a great home care product for anyone who has problems with falling out of bed.
Enables the user to pull themselves from a lying position to a seated position.
The Elland bed grab rail has been designed especially to attach to the framework of metal beds.
For use with a low-level bed, this high-density foam mat will help reduce the risk of injury if the user falls out of bed. Folds away for storage.
These cot sides totally cover the trombone type rails to provide a safe environment.
Simple to assemble and dismantle, making it an ideal choice if you want to take it with you when going on holiday, or visiting relatives.
The Easyrail is designed to fit those beds where the mattress sits within a side frame, such as pine slatted beds.
Home bed rails to suit single, double or 3/4 sized divan beds.
This extremely popular bed rail suitable for use with slatted beds.
Extra high bed rails to suit single, double or 3/4 sized divan beds.
Easy to install and folds down for travel or storage.
The rise easy swing away support rail is designed to assist the user in rising from or sitting up in bed, without interfering with bed clothes.
These side wedges help to prevent a patient from falling out of bed.
Blends in with your bedroom so you can maintain the comforting feeling of your home.
With its comfortable foam handle, the Bed Cane provides a stable pivot assistance to the user when getting into and out of bed.
These bed rails are simple to install and fully adjustable in width and length via spring-loaded buttons. For use on single, three quarter and double sized divan beds.
Probably the most well recognised bed grab rail on the market, used widely by health professionals across the NHS and Social Services.
These rails are for angle iron bed frames and are available with either 3 or 4 bar side rails.
Heavy gauge steel handle with cushion grip provides support getting in and out of bed.
These extra high rails are ideal when standard rails are not high enough.
A simple button mechanism, on the top rail, allows for quick and easy adjustment of the rail.
These adjustable sides fit between mattress and bed base
For use in conjunction with the SuperPole, the SuperBar is a horizontal pivoting and locking bar that provides additional leverage and leaning support.
The Smart-Rail can be unlocked and pivoted outwards to provide better standing support
The Parnell bed rail is the ideal solution to help get in or out of bed.
The SuperPole is a stylish floor-to-ceiling grab rail designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring and positioning themselves.
The Parnell Premier Bed Rail is probably the strongest and safest of any bath rail on the market.
Offers secure, safe support for sitting or standing, especially from low settees or chairs.
All the same benefits as the standard Parnell Premier Bed Rail with a few additions.
Wall-mounted support rail assists in horizontal transfers hoist overbed over bed support grab bar