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Patient Alarms

These patient alarms are Items to help maintain security and safety in the home. Alarms and panic buttons are included in this section. Some of these items can be easily attached to wheelchairs, beds or chairs. A voice activated patient alarm is also included here.
A magnetically attached Door and Window Open Alarm, alerting persons or carers to windows or doors being opened.
A simple to operate alarm that can be worn around the wrist like a watch.
A wall mounted safety alarm that can be used by a patient to call for help.
A versatile panic alarm with adjustable straps, allowing easy fitting to a range of mobility aids.
A motion detector and security light which suits any room, for increased safety and peace of mind.
A useful safety system that enables vulnerable people to check the identity of a caller at the door.
When movement is detected, this wall mounted slimline detector will remotely switch on a light.
Different sounds can be used for either the doorbell or the panic alarm.
A great tool for people with memory loss, playing a 20 second message to remind about daily essentials such as locking doors.
Simply plug in to the chosen monitor unit.
A motion detector which can trigger an alarm or call up to 3 numbers, ideal for home or patient security.
A fall protection sensor that can be used with voice alert monitors.
A clever memory aid with two recordable messages, ideal for people with learning disabilities or memory loss.
A simple yet effective way of alerting a carer when a patient wanders off.
A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters.
A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two transmitters.
A useful patient alert that can be used to guard against falls.
Will respond up to 99 different bed or chair mats.
A transmitter and monitor unit that can be used to remotely check up on patients.
A simple alert system designed for elderly and vulnerable people.
Alarm trains reflexes that have not yet been developed in childhood, teaching the child to wake up or suppress the need to urinate.
A patient monitoring system that alerts a carer if a patient moves or falls unexpectedly.
A useful sheet that can be used to quickly and safely evacuate patients.
Alerts the carer that the person needs their assistance.
A fantastic reminder tool and alarm clock for people with memory loss, assisting with easier everyday tasks.
An alarm unit that can be used with sensor mats to alert carers to patient movements.
An incontinence alarm system that consists of a sensor sheet and monitor unit.
Alarm will sound if someone fails to return to bed after a pre-determined length of time.
This wireless infrared motion detector instantly notifies the carer by sounding an alarm.
A watch that can be used to prompt the wearer to perform activities such as eating or taking medication.
A movement detection unit that can alert a carer when a patient wanders off.
An alarm unit that can be connected to various nurse call systems and sensor mats.
A useful system that allows a carer to remotely monitor a patient.
A sensor and alarm system that can alert carers when a patient stops breathing.
A useful sled that can be used to evacuate a patient in comfort and security.
A pressure pad that can be placed under a rug or carpet and used to alert a carer of a patient wandering off.
A day or night-time wrist worn alarm which monitors temperature and perspiration levels, warning users of low blood sugar.
A soft and flexible mattress overlay that doubles as an evacuation carrying device.
A smoke detector that can be linked to a Carephone and used to remotely notify a carer of an emergency.
A patient alert system that will emit a warning tone and a flashing strobe light when activated.
A personal safety device that can alert a carer if a patient falls or wanders off.
A comprehensive alert system that features devices for fall, movement and pressure detection to be used by carers to monitor patients.
A pager and pendant with a long range of 400m, ideal for sending emergency assistance messages to a friend or carer in the home.
A handy memory aid pendant which stores up to 90 messages, alerting the user to complete everyday tasks.
A miniature wrist phone which allows the user to easily make calls in case of an emergency.
Allows two way communication between the person and their carer from different rooms.
A sensor and transmitter kit that can be used to keep track of patient movements.
Helps carers ensure the safety of a person who is prone to wandering outside the home.
A transmitter and sensor sheet that can be used to detect incidences of incontinence and notify a carer.
An alarm system that will detect when a door is opened that can be used to monitor patient whereabouts.
A pager that can be linked to various sensors and used to alert carers that a patient needs assistance.
A freestanding movement detection unit that can be used to notify a carer if a patient wanders off.
A GPS phone that can be used to keep track of a person's whereabouts.
A discreet fall detection and alert device that can be worn like a regular watch.
A monitor placed under the mattress for the detection of Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) type seizures.
A handy device that can be used to auto-dial up to six, pre-programmed numbers if the user requires assistance.
Detect regular activity in the home and alert a carer or neighbour via their mobile phone if needed.
Available in two versions for either chair or bed use.
An under-mattress monitor and remote pager which alerts carers to nocturnal convulsive seizures.
A sophisticated and sensitive digital movement sensor which can quickly alert carers to the occurrence of a seizure.