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Patient Alarms

These patient alarms are Items to help maintain security and safety in the home. Alarms and panic buttons are included in this section. Some of these items can be easily attached to wheelchairs, beds or chairs. A voice activated patient alarm is also included here.
Key Chain Personal Alarm can be used to alert a person to the need for help.
Alerts a person to a door or window opening - good for people who wander.
Press top button on the tough plastic housing to activate a loud alarm to alert a carer or someone in the vicinity.
Convenient wall mounted security alarm.
A multi-purpose panic alarm button that can be attached to crutches, walking/toilet frames, showerchairs, wheelchairs etc.
Safety and security light suitable for any room.
Designed to help vulnerable people talk to visitors clearly before opening the door.
When movement is detected, this wall mounted slimline detector will remotely switch on a light.
Different sounds can be used for either the doorbell or the panic alarm.
This helpful Memo Minder plays back a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds, when motion is detected nearby.
Simply plug in to the chosen monitor unit.
Motion triggers the unit to automatically telephone up to 3 programmable numbers.
If the person rises, the monitor beeper or voice prompt sounds until the alarm is reset.
Can prompt a person to ask for id, lock the door or other instruction.
An easy to use electronic entrance-monitoring device.
A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters.
A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two transmitters.
There is a full range of accessories available for use with the Voice Alert.
Will respond up to 99 different bed or chair mats.
Built in temperature display, microphone and speaker dome and a night light.
Bed or wheelchair alarm with a voice function for the elderly or weak patients
Alarm trains reflexes that have not yet been developed in childhood, teaching the child to wake up or suppress the need to urinate.
An effective monitoring system that helps the carer ensure the safety of the patient.
Attaches permanently to the bottom of a flexible foam mattress by means of strong elastics.
Alerts the carer that the person needs their assistance.
It plays recorded messages at selected times, set by a family member or carer.
Portable battery powered carer alerting alarm designed for use with either the Long Life Bed or Chair Sensor Mat.
The soft cotton fabric detects moisture and activates alarm to alert sleeper and carers.
Alarm will sound if someone fails to return to bed after a pre-determined length of time.
This wireless infrared motion detector instantly notifies the carer by sounding an alarm.
Designed for those with memory problems and special needs, who require prompting.
Detects bed exit without the use of sensor pads or strings attached to user.
An alarm output socket which allows for connection to most nurse call systems including Intercall, Courtney-Thorne, Quantec.
System allows a carer to see and also hear and speak to a person from another room.
The alarm will also go off if less than eight breaths per minute are detected.
Safety belts and a foot pocket to hold the patient in place, pulling loops at each end and a tough slippery coated bottom side.
When stepped on, it will send a signal to the Care Call Pager and Care Call Signwave.
Night time wrist/ankle worn alarm that can detect symptoms of hypoglycaemia, low blood sugar in people with diabetes.
This 90mm deep, pressure distributing, overlay is permanently fitted on top of a traditional spring mattress.
This Smoke Detector Alarm has been designed to link into the Careline Carephone.
The Signwave will emit a corresponding sound to alert the carer of the type of alarm.
Badge-it detects any change in gravity and firstly emits a warning beep to the user.
Discreet wireless and silent alerting system for carers.
Pager displays a default HELP message or a customised message of up to 40 characters.
Stores up to 90 messages, each up to 10 seconds in length.
Designed for a person who has difficulty getting to a landline phone in time.
Allows two way communication between the person and their carer from different rooms.
Wireless Pager Kit that alerts carer when a patient has moved from a bed or chair.
Helps carers ensure the safety of a person who is prone to wandering outside the home.
If moisture is detected, the Transmitter activates the Alert-it Pager and Autodialler.
This Door Alarm fits easily to a door in a property using the Careline System.
Sensors activates the radio pager to alert the carer that someone requires assistance.
When someone leaves their bed or room sends an alert to the Careline Carephone unit.
Send a text to the phone and receive back an online link and coordinates of the location.
Ideal to use if an elderly person or person with special needs is living independently.
Detection and response to ongoing seizures of the Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) type only.
Easy to install by simply plugging into a normal telephone wall socket.
Detect regular activity in the home and alert a carer or neighbour via their mobile phone if needed.
Available in two versions for either chair or bed use.
Helps carers and families detect nocturnal convulsive seizures.
Highly sophisticated and sensitive digital movement sensor is placed under the mattress.