Items are often reinforced or have larger dimensions than the standard versions for those carrying excess weight. Welcome Mobility's bariatric toileting department offers a wide range of toileting products for heavier users.
These unisex pads are enclosed in a stay dry cover for comfort and have a plastic shield which helps prevent leakage.
A raised toilet seat that makes using the toilet less strenuous.
Lightweight plastic construction - strong and durable.
A pair of of soft cotton pants with a pouch for housing an incontinence pad.
A floor fixing and stabilising kit for the Mowbray Toilet Frames or the Height Adjustable Toilet Frame with Seat.
A simple floor fixing kit for all Nuvo toilet frames.
This contoured plastic seat effectively raises the height of the toilet.
A sturdy frame that can be used to assist in toilet transfers.
A lightweight aluminium toilet frame that makes using the toilet safer and easier.
A free standing or floor-fixed toilet frame with a contoured seat and arm rests.
An extra wide commode frame specially designed for larger users.
A width adjustable version of the classic Mowbray Toilet Frame, suiting users of any size. Easy to adjust or dismantle.
A sturdy metal frame that can be used to assist in toilet transfers.
A width adjustable toilet frame that can be free standing or easily fixed to the bathroom floor.
A toilet seat raiser with an extra large front cut-out to enable easy personal cleaning.
An extra-wide and sturdy toilet seat that can accommodate larger and heavier users.
A combination commode and shower chair that is designed for bariatric patients.
An toilet seat with a large seat surface that is perfect for heavier and bigger people.
A commode chair designed for use by larger and heavier people.
An over-toilet frame that is wider and sturdier to accommodate larger and heavier users.
A reinforced and extra-wide commode chair.
An extra large and robust commode designed for large and heavy users.
An extra large and robust shower and commode chair for larger users.