Bath Steps

A variety of bath steps made to make access to the bath easier. These are available in different styles, some modular so they can be adjusted to the user's required height. Anti bacterial coatings are features on some of these bath steps.
A versatile footstool with a grippy rubber top surface and a steel frame.
Designed to make getting in and out of the bath easier.
A dual-use bathing aid that can act as a shower chair or as an access step.
A handy step that makes getting in and out of the bath safer and simpler.
A handy footstool with a chrome-plated steel frame and a handrail for extra support.
A sturdy steel step that can be used to access a bath or reach high cupboards and work surfaces.
A versatile bath step which consists of three conjoining sections, allowing the ideal arrangement for every individual.
This modular step makes getting in and out of a bath easier.
A step that can be used to provide easier and safer access to a bath.
A plastic bath step that makes accessing and leaving a bath simpler and safer.
A chrome-plated steel stool with a sturdy vertical hand rail.
A modular bath step that has four layers that can be removed to adjust the height.
A sturdy metal-framed step with a handrail that can assist in balance and support.
This simple plastic step can be used to help with bath transfers.
A brightly coloured bath step that makes bathing safer and easier.
A sturdy plastic step that can make accessing a bath easier and safer.
A bath step that makes getting in and out of the bath safer and easier.
Designed to provide practical bathroom solutions combined with modern and stylish product designs to compliment any bathroom.