Bathing Accessories

This section features disability related bathing accessories to improve comfort and hygiene. Bath mats, inflatable cushion, long-handled scrubbers and automatic body driers are among the products in this section.

The Everyday mat is a practical solution to bathing security.
A range of waterproof foam bath and shower mats.
A clever household appliance which helps prevent scolding and flooding.
A handy applicator for creams, lotions or gels that helps reach awkward places such as the back or feet, with replaceable sponge.
A long-handle applicator that can be used to put creams and lotions on hard to reach areas of the body.
This range of mats help you keep a grip in the shower.
This range of mats help you keep a grip in the bath.
This shower trolley makes bathing patients much easier and safer.
A folding platform that can be fixed to the wall over a bath and used for assisted bathing.