Long Handled Sponges & Scrubbers

These long-handled sponges and scrubbers are designed to assist people with limited flexibility to wash with minimum strain. Brushes, combs and soap applicators are included here, along with back scrubbers and flannels.
A soft sponge attached to a long handle for ease of cleaning, available in three different styles.
A useful cleaning tool that enables the user to scrub their toes.
A soft, long-handled sponge that is easy to grip, making bathing a more effortless experience.
A long-handled applicator that can be used to clean hard to reach areas of the body.
A unique long-handled sponge that helps wash toes and feet from an upright, comfortable position.
A useful bathing tool that allows the user to wash hard to reach areas.
A long-handled lotion applicator and massaging tool, ideal for reaching the back, feet or toes.
A flexible 45cm (18 inch) handle with a contoured bath sponge that helps clean hard-to-reach places with minimal effort.
A quality long-handled sponge with a built-up grip, helping wash places such as toes more easily.
An extra long-handled sponge which helps wash awkward places such as toes with minimal effort.
This soft netted sponge on a long handle is a luxurious bathroom accessory, enabling effortless bathing.
A sponge mounted on a long bendable handle that makes independent washing easier.
A simple tool that makes washing feet and toes much easier.
A brush with a long handle that can assist in effective bathing.
A unique tool for easy washing between the toes, made up of a soft pad on a flexible wire stem.
A long handle with a brush and sponge attached to the end that enables the cleaning of the lower limbs.
A long flannel strap that can be used to wash and scrub hard to reach areas of the body.
A simple tool that allows the toes to be cleaned without bending over.
A dual purpose pampering tool which helps apply lotion to the skin while giving a relaxing massage.
A long flannel strap that can be used to dry hard to reach areas of the body after bathing.
A sheepskin pad with a long, built-up handle, and extra thickness for a luxurious feel.
A luxuriously thick sheepskin pad attached to a durable handle, helping cleanse or powder difficult to reach body parts with ease.
A long and curved handle makes this brush ideal for people with movement restrictions.
A range of brushes and combs that have long handles to reduce the need to reach with the arms.
A long handled, double-sided brush that can be used for effective body scrubbing in the bath.
A long-handled brush that can be used for bathing by people with flexibility issues.
A range of body and hair washing items that remove the need to reach and strain when bathing.
A long handled backscratcher that can be bent to shape.
A handy tool that makes cleaning the body in the bath easier.