Shower Chairs, Seats & Stools

Seats, chairs, stools and benches designed to help while showering. These come in a variety of robust designs and sizes. Those who may have trouble standing for prolonged periods often find a shower chair invaluable.

A robust, non-slip perching stool ideal for wet environments such as the bathroom.
An aluminium-framed shower stool with a backrest for extra support.
This chair is designed to provide a secure place to sit during bathing.
A comfortable and supportive chair that can be used in the shower.
A range of sturdy shower chairs that enable seated bathing.
A versatile stool that provides a comfortable and easy to rise from place to sit.
A high quality, portable perching stool with arm rests and a backrest, ideal for use in the kitchen or shower.
Luxurious resting stool with padded arm rests.
A portable perching stool with a soft padded seat and backrests, ideal for use in your kitchen or shower.
A contoured shower stool made from sturdy aluminium and a smooth plastic seat.
A height-adjustable stool that can be used in the shower during bathing.
This sturdy stool can be supplied with armrests and a back support.
A robust shower stool with an ergonomically shaped seat, ideal for larger users.
A lightweight and portable perching stool which can be used in any room, complete with padded armrests and a backrest.
A sturdy perching stool with a steel frame and padded seat that can be used throughout the house.
Designed to fit neatly into shower corner ideal for giving more leg room.
A shower chair that has a triangular design that makes it ideal for positioning in the corner of a shower.
A handy stool that can be used to provide a safe place to sit whilst showering.
A compact stool that can be used in the shower by people that find standing difficult.
A triangular shower stool that will fit perfectly into the corner of a shower.
These perching and shower stools offer a secure and comfortable place to sit.
This perching stool is useful for various activities around the house.
A shower chair that provides the user with a safe and comfortable place to sit whilst bathing.
A sturdy steel-framed shower chair with a moulded plastic seat.
A versatile perching stool that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or shower, complete with a padded vinyl seat and backrest.
A handy padded seat that can be fixed to the wall in a bath or shower.
A slatted shower seat that can be mounted onto the wall.
A comfortable and supportive stool that makes showering easier and safer.
A luxurious and sturdy perching stool with optional padded arm rests and a backrest for comfort.
A triangular shower stool that fit into the corner of a shower and provides a secure seat.