Shower Chairs, Seats & Stools

Seats, chairs, stools and benches designed to help while showering. These come in a variety of robust designs and sizes. Those who may have trouble standing for prolonged periods often find a shower chair invaluable.

This perching stool can be used throughout the house and in the shower.
A corrosion-resistant shower seat with a generously padded seat and backrest.
A lightweight chair that has a padded seat with a cut-out, allowing use as a commode as well as a supportive showering aid.
This sturdy steel seat provides a secure place to sit during bathing.
A sturdy shower chair with a steel frame, padded seats and a front cut-out section for personal cleaning.
A wide and cross-braced frame allows this shower chair to accommodate larger users.
A heavy duty shower stool ideal for larger users, made from aluminium and waterproof plastic.
A simple shower stool with aluminium legs and a plastic seat.
A lightweight folding plastic seat with anodised aluminium frame.
A sturdy aluminium shower seat that can be secured to the wall.
A moulded plastic seat that can be fixed to the wall in a shower or bath and provide a secure place o sit during bathing.
Designed to fill the gap between a standard perching stool and bariatric shower stool, yet will still fit into most showers.
A heavy duty shower stool with a padded PU seat and comfortable backrest.
A range of perching stools that are designed for heavier and larger people.
A perching stool with a strong steel frame that is suitable for heavier and larger users.
A sturdy stainless steel stool that can be used in a shower or bath.
A secure and sturdy chair that provides a safe place to sit in the shower.
A versatile plastic chair that can function as a seat, commode and shower chair.
This shower chair provides a safe and comfortable place to sit whilst bathing.
A strong wall-mounted shower seat with padded foam armrests and a backrest.
A versatile commode chair that can also be used in the shower, with a padded seat, arm rests and a backrest.
A sturdy shower chair that can be bolted to the wall and folded up when not in use.
A sturdy bath bench that can be used by heavier and larger users.
A shower chair that is designed to be used by large and heavy users.
A well-designed commode and shower chair that has a range of useful features.
A extra comfortable and supportive shower seat with arm and backrests.
This shower stool is designed for people that are larger and heavier.
This shower trolley makes bathing patients much easier and safer.
A folding platform that can be fixed to the wall over a bath and used for assisted bathing.