Bed Rails

Here you will find our range of bed rails. These supports are made to assist people getting in and out of bed with minimum strain. These are available in a number of designs, some with padded handles for greater user comfort. Some of our more populer bed rails include the Easylever and the Easy Riser models.

A premier bed rail with a full length steel frame support, ideal for use with any style of bed.
A steel grab bar that can be fitted to the SuperPole to assist in bed transfers.
A set of width and height adjustable bed rails that can prevent the user from falling out of bed.
A simple steel rail that offers support when getting in and out of bed.
The highest and most robust Parnell Premier Bed Rail available, for users and beds of any size.
An exceptionally strong and easy to install bed rail that provides support while getting into or out of bed.
A steel pole that provides leverage assistance for bed transfers.
This steel pole with handle can be used as a balance and support aid.
A useful support rail that can be fitted to the wall and aid in bed transfers .