Body Protectors

Here you will find our range of body protectors. These come in gel or fleece forms and deliver pressure relief and comfort. Gel-filled ankle, knee and hip protectors are in this section. These body protectors are often of great benefit following operations or during recovery after falls or bruising.
A comfortable pair of thermal socks that will keep the feet warm.
Luxurious heel protectors secured with an adjustable velcro strap.
Luxurious fleece elbow pads with adjustable velcro straps, ideal for relieving the symptoms of Arthritis or Tennis Elbow.
A simple pair of elbow protectors that can be strapped in place to prevent damage and sores from developing.
A pair of soft, wool pile heel protectors that can be attach using the simple straps.
A pare of soft and comfortable wool protectors that can prevent pressure injuries.
A pair of soft and warm woolen booties that can protect delicate and damaged feet.
A pair of soft and comfortable lambswool slippers that protect the heel, foot and ankle.
A pair of indoor boots that can be worn for pressure relief.
A pair of gel-filled ankle and elbow protectors that can reduce pressure related injuries.
A foot stop that can be used in bed to prevent the user from slipping and to aid in positioning.
Designed to protect the knees from pressure sores in the side lying position.
A heel and ankle sock that has a gel pad to aid in pressure relief whilst lying down.
A discreet and comfortable hip protecting pad and pants, helping minimise the risk of falls or knocks in elderly or less mobile users.
Reduces risk of pressure damage to heels.