Incontinence Underwear

Here you will find our range of incontinence underwear designed to deal discreetly with continence problems. These pants and panties are available in a number styles and provide a comfortable alternative to wearing pads inside ordinary underwear. This incontinence underwear is available for both men and women.
A pair of soft and comfortable pants that can be used with incontinence pads.
Soft and comfortable stretch pants which can discreetly accommodate all types of incontinence pad.
A pair of stretchy incontinence pants with an elasticated waist.
Unisex incontinence pads that look just like regular underwear, with a built-in pouch for most types of absorbent pad.
This pack of five stretchy pants can be used to hold incontinence pads in place.
A high waist incontinence brief for ladies, with a lace detail and integral absorbent pad.
Traditional men's cotton underwear with a built-in incontinence pad, suitable for machine washing.
A waterproof and lightweight layer to be worn over normal or incontinence underwear, providing added protection against leaks.
A soft and comfortable pair of waterproof PVC pants that can be used to protect clothing from incontinence.
A pair of cotton underwear that feature a front pouch that can house an incontinence pad.
A pair of incontinence pants with an absorbent pad and elasticated waist.
100 percent brushed cotton briefs for ladies, with a built-in pouch that accommodates most incontinence pads.
A pair of waterproof polymer pants that guard against incontinence.
A unique device that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce the occurrence of incontinence.
Convenient and washable underwear with a built-in pad, suitable for moderate incontinence.
These absorbent pants can be worn to provide incontinence support.
A comfortable and effective system for protecting against incontinence leaks, using pouch pants and washable pads.
A pair of cotton pants that feature a front pouch to house an incontinence pad.
Cotton rich incontinence briefs with a washable, removable pad and an extra waterproof backing.
A pair of incontinence pants for men with an in-built absorbent pad.
Washable, discreet and comfortable incontinence underwear for ladies, made from 100 percent cotton.
Absorbent, discreet and comfortable incontinence briefs for men, made with 100 percent cotton.
A discreet and comfortable pair of absorbent incontinence pants.
A comfortable and discreet absorbent pad that can be worn in normal underwear.
Minimises the need for moving, making the pad changing less intrusive for the wearer.