Mattress Toppers

The mattress toppers section features items designed to relieve pressure and improve comfort in bed. These include gel filled products and fleeces which fit between the mattress and bed sheet. These mattress toppers can be valuable tools for those spending prolonged periods in bed.
A mattress overlay made from dense, warm polyester that can be used to reduce pressure sores.
A high quality, pure wool mattress overlay that can reduce pressure related injuries.
A high quality range of protective bed sheets, each with tuck-in flaps, a waterproof backing and excellent absorbency.
A range of pure wool pile fleeces that can be used as warm, supportive and comfortable mattress overlays.
Distributes pressure evenly and greatly increases user comfort.
A range of nodular foam mattress toppers for comfort and pressure relief.
A unique Tencel fabric mattress and pillow protector, designed for sensitive skin and a more luxurious sleeping experience.
A unique mattress topper made from high density foam, adding instant comfort and support.
A mattress topper that has raised foam nodules to aid with pressure relief and airflow.
A mattress protector that stops the build up of bacteria and dust mites.
This modular foam overlay can be used on top of an existing mattress.
A mattress overlay that will conform to the shape of the user's body and provide pressure relief.
A modular foam mattress that provides effective relief from pressure related injuries.
A foam mattress overlay that can be used to reduce the incidence of pressure injuries.
Static overlay offers clinically proven effectiveness in the prevention of pressure ulcers.
This foam mattress offers effective pressure relief to the user.
A memory foam mattress that is comfortable and can help to relieve pressure.
A high quality foam mattress with a noduled top surface that can help relieve pressure.
This choice of two mattress overlays both provide protection from pressure related injuries.
Designed for users at high risk of pressure ulcer development.
A supportive and pressure relieving mattress with a memory foam top layer.
An inflatable mattress that is designed to alleviate pressure and thus reduce the incidence of pressure sores.