Paediatric Seating

Seats and chairs for children who need additional postural support when sitting. This section includes the popular Breezi Chair, with its wide range of accessories. Therapy stools are also available here.
A range of dense foam wedges that offer support in a prone position.
A strong nylon seatbelt for use with a Heathfield chair.
A pair of wooden skis that can be attached to chair legs to increase stability.
A protective cover that can be fitted to the Carrie 2 seat.
These soft padded cushions aid in comfort and posture.
A sturdy footboard for use with a Heathfield chair.
A supportive footplate with nylon footstraps.
A useful stool that can make interacting with children easier.
A hardwood hand rail that can be attached to the Heatfield children's chair.
A supportive collar that can be used to stabilise a child's head and neck.
A range of optional extras for the Wombat Functional Chair.
A padded pommel that can be fitted to a Heathfield chair.
A sturdy hardwood foot board that can be used in conjunction with a child's chair.
A specially designed footrest that can be attached to a school chair.
A sturdy wooden tray for use with Heathfield chairs.
A small plastic table with a folding frame and recessed top that is designed for use by children.
A base section that can accommodate the Feeder seat and allow for a range of seat angles.
A specially designed table that can allow children to perform a range of activities whilst seated.
A supportive and comfortable seat designed for children with cerebral palsy.
A simple dolly that can be attached to a Heathfield chair to make it portable.
A comfortable padded stool ideal for therapists, teachers or parents working with children.
A height and tilt adjustable bench with padding, allowing children to be supported with correct posture and stability.
A low level stool that helps carers or therapists to remain comfortable while working with children near floor level.
A comfortable and highly supportive floor seat for children.
A simple stool that allows adults to interact with children.
A base that raises the height of the Carrie child seat.
A highly supportive children's chair that can be used at home or in a classroom.
A height adjustable table that allows children to work and dine.
A highly supported chair for children with an adjustable tray.
A base section with wheels that is compatible with the feeder seat.