Paediatric Seating

Seats and chairs for children who need additional postural support when sitting. This section includes the popular Breezi Chair, with its wide range of accessories. Therapy stools are also available here.
A padded floor mat with various items that can be used to develop a range of skils in small children.
A height and angle adjustable tray compatible with the Feeder Seat.
A range of sturdy hardwood chairs that are designed for children.
A toileting chair that can be used as a commode, potty and normal chair.
A highly supportive and adjustable chair for children that require assistance when sitting.
A vertical standing frame which help children to achieve a posturally correct and safe position.
A highly supportive and comfortable seat for child that require extra support.
A specially designed seat for children that require extra support and stability.
A comfortable, supportive and functional chair that is designed for disabled children.
A highly supportive stander that can securely hold a child in a prone, supine or standing position.
A supportive stander that can be used in prone, supine and standing positions.
A highly supportive and comfortable children's chair.