Paediatric Toileting

Products in this section are made to assist paediatric toileting. Items like reducer rings and changing tables can be found here. Splash guards and commodes made especially for children can also be found here.
An instant comfort and height boost to an existing toilet seat or commode.
Ultra-absorbent, reusable and washable incontinence briefs for girls.
Absorbent, comfortable and discreet briefs for boys' incontinence needs.
A protective cup that attaches to most toilet seats to prevent urine spillages.
A versatile toilet seat that features a smaller aperture for use by children.
A steel support frame that can be positioned around and existing toilet and help children to use the toilet.
A steel support frame that can be positioned around a toilet and aid in transferring on and off.
This innovative tool enables the hygienic disposal of personal care products such as incontinence pads.
The Nuvo Children's Toilet Frame eases sit to stand transfer for the child.
A simple rubber deflector that can prevent mess when using the toilet.
A commode for children with a padded backrest and safety harness.
A height adjustable commode specially designed for children, with an included potty and bright lap belt.
A rail, adjustable footrest and a splashguard designed to make using a Heathfield toilet chair safer and easier to use.
A padded toilet seat that reduces the size of the aperture to make the toilet more suitable for children.
A wooden platform with handrails that makes accessing a toilet safer and easier.
A simple set of support handles that can be attached to a toilet.
A fold-out changing stretcher that can be mounted to a wall.
A toileting chair that can be used as a commode, potty and normal chair.
A range of high quality treatment tables with angle adjustable tops.
A highly supportive children's commode chair with a removable pan.
A height-adjustable treatment table that has a variety of uses in a clinical setting.
A useful treatment, assessment and changing table.
A versatile changing table that has height adjustment and four sturdy castors.
A highly supportive and multi-feature commode chair for children.
A versatile table that is useful for treating, assessing and changing patients.
An adjustable changing table that has a padded seat and a range of clinical applications.
A discreet changing table with a mains powered, height-adjustable tabletop.
This nursing bench is height adjustable and comfortable for the patient.