Body Pads

This section contains padded body pads. These are available for the knees, hips, ankles and other parts of the body and provide valuable protection against bruising. These body pads can also help with recovery following falls.
A versatile tool that can be used to reduce pain and swelling.
These heel protectors offer warmth, comfort and protection to sore heels.
A soft and luxurious fleece pad that can be put onto a seatbelt to stop in from digging into the shoulder.
A woolen fleece knee warmer that can be used to reduce pain and aches.
A woolen fleece that can be worn around the waist to reduce low back pain.
A simple pair of elbow protectors that can be strapped in place to prevent damage and sores from developing.
A soft and flexible hand wrap which protects the palm from fingernails if fists are clenched.
Allows knees to be aligned with your pelvis, when sleeping on your side.
A pair of soft and padded elbow protectors that can prevent injuries and sores.
A pair of gel-filled ankle and elbow protectors that can reduce pressure related injuries.
A pair of soft and pressure relieving heel pads.
A heel and ankle sock that has a gel pad to aid in pressure relief whilst lying down.
Designed to protect the knees from pressure sores in the side lying position.
A discreet and comfortable hip protecting pad and pants, helping minimise the risk of falls or knocks in elderly or less mobile users.
A simple and discreet garment that can absorb the impacts of falls and protect the hip.