Slippers for the elderly or those who might be experiencing swollen feet. Our slipper are easy to put on and take off.
A comfortable pair of thermal socks that will keep the feet warm.
A pair of supportive and comfortable slippers that have a non-slip rubber sole.
A soft, comfortable and spacious pair of socks suitable for use in bed and around the house.
Comfortable and stylish slippers for ladies, featuring a wide opening and durable, non-slip soles.
A soft fabric bag with excellent heat retention that can be worn over the feet to keep them warm.
Stylish, supportive and flexible slippers that help relieve swollen feet or bunions.
Supportive yet flexible ladies slippers with durable soles and a simple hook and loop fastening.
A flexible and supportive pair of ladies' slippers which helps relieve swollen or painful feet.
A pair of soft and comfortable men's slippers with a sturdy rubber sole.
A comfortable pair of mens slippers that can accommodate large and swollen feet.
A gently supportive yet flexible slipper with a wide opening and adjustable velcro fastening, ideal for wide or swollen feet.
A pair of soft and warm woolen booties that can protect delicate and damaged feet.
A flexible and supportive ladies' booty slipper that helps relieve sore or swollen feet.
A pair of mens slippers with a large foot opening and a non-slip sole.