Gripping Devices

These gripping devices help with numerous turning tasks around the home to help those with poor grip strength. These include tap turners, key turners and door knob grippers. Gripping devices like this can also help turning on ovens and hobs.
A practical tool which helps turn keys with minimal effort required, and stores up to three keys at once.
A pack of three gripping aids which can be fitted to any pen or pencil for improved grip.
A pack of 3 soft PVC writing grips that fit onto the majority of pens and pencils.
A useful kitchen tool that makes opening ring-pull cans much easier.
Identifies what appliance a plug is powering and makes removal of a plug easy.
A tool that wraps around standard UK plugs to facilitate pulling them out of their sockets.
This cone shaped opener can be placed on a jar lid to make it easier to unscrew.
A simple tool that can be used to make taps easier to turn.
A length of foam tubing that can be cut to size and used to increase the handle diameter of a range of items.
A plastic hoop that can be used to carry multiple plastic bags without pain.
A simple yet effective pair of handles that can make taps easier to use.
A handy tool that will grip a bottle top and make it easier to open.
A pack of 3 comfortable grips for easier writing and drawing.
A tool that facilitates the removal of plugs from their sockets, as well as labelling materials.
A handy key turner which helps operate locks with minimal effort and leverage.
An innovative tool which helps turn keys with minimal effort, ergonomically shaped to suit users with a weak grip.
A useful tool that makes opening jars easier and less painful
A simple yet effective pack of grip aids that make using pens and pencils easier.
A thick, easy to grasp handle that can hold up to two keys and assist in turning.
A key-turning tool which holds up to three keys, enabling easy locking or unlocking of any door.
A useful device that can clamp onto bath taps and make them easier to turn.
A non-slip underlay that can be used to prevent slips and falls.
A handy knob that is easy to grasp and can be attached to the steering wheel of a car.
A soft and non-slip grip that can be slotted onto a pencil to make it easier to hold.
An innovative and unique tool that can be used to make turning knobs and levers easier.
A versatile range of foam tubes that can be used to make the handles of various items thicker and easier to grasp.
A useful pair of plastic tap turners that can be used to make existing taps easier to turn.
A simple tool that allows a user with a limited grip to hold a phone.
A simple tool that can make pens and pencils easier to grip and use.