Patient Alarms

These patient alarms are Items to help maintain security and safety in the home. Alarms and panic buttons are included in this section. Some of these items can be easily attached to wheelchairs, beds or chairs. A voice activated patient alarm is also included here.
A magnetically attached Door and Window Open Alarm, alerting persons or carers to windows or doors being opened.
A simple to operate alarm that can be worn around the wrist like a watch.
A wall mounted safety alarm that can be used by a patient to call for help.
A useful safety system that enables vulnerable people to check the identity of a caller at the door.
A specially designed doorbell for people who have poor hearing.
A range of sensor mats that can be used with patient alert and monitoring systems.
A great tool for people with memory loss, playing a 20 second message to remind about daily essentials such as locking doors.
A fall protection sensor that can be used with voice alert monitors.
A simple yet effective way of alerting a carer when a patient wanders off.
A patient call and alert system that is ideal for home settings.
Mat is placed on top of the bed and under the bed sheets.
A safety system that allows a patient to alert a carer if they need assistance.
A useful patient alert that can be used to guard against falls.
A simple alert system designed for elderly and vulnerable people.
A patient monitoring system that alerts a carer if a patient moves or falls unexpectedly.
A fantastic reminder tool and alarm clock for people with memory loss, assisting with easier everyday tasks.
A useful sheet that can be used to quickly and safely evacuate patients.
An alarm unit that can be used with sensor mats to alert carers to patient movements.
Alarm sounds when a wandering or fall risk user steps on it.
A useful sled that can be used to evacuate a patient in comfort and security.
A movement detection unit that can alert a carer when a patient wanders off.
A comprehensive alert system that features devices for fall, movement and pressure detection to be used by carers to monitor patients.
An incontinence alarm system that consists of a sensor sheet and monitor unit.
This movement sensor and pager system can be used to alert a carer to irregular patient movements.
This safety system can be used to monitor patient movement and alert a carer to problems.
An advanced wireless monitoring system that transmits pictures and sounds in high quality.
A pressure pad that can be placed under a rug or carpet and used to alert a carer of a patient wandering off.
A patient alert system that will emit a warning tone and a flashing strobe light when activated.
A soft and flexible mattress overlay that doubles as an evacuation carrying device.
This patient safety system enable remote, two-way communication between a carer and a patient.