Useful Household Items

This section features clever devices and other handy products designed to make life easier in small ways around the home.
A large plastic step that halves the height of any step, improving access and rest time.
These perching and shower stools offer a secure and comfortable place to sit.
A useful over-chair table that can be used for dining and other activities whilst seated in an armchair.
A pair of wedges to support and cushion the knees and lower back while caring for patients, with a handy carry bag.
A small key safe that can be attached to an exterior wall and allow access to buildings for privileged people.
A foam-handled rail that can be positioned between the mattress and bed frame to provide leverage assistance.
An strong aluminium half step - ideal for where a step height is too high, or incompatible with a walking frame.
A sturdy plastic half step that can be used to bridge the gap between the floor and a step that is too high.
A heavy-duty, high security key safe that can be attached to the outside of a home or building.
A large and clear clock showing the date and time, designed to be easy to read for people with a visual or memory impairment.
A handy rail that can be positioned next to a sofa to assist in transferring on and off.