Weak Grip Scissors

This section contains scissors designed to help those with a weak or shaky grip. Featured here are dual control scissors, as well as table top scissors, and looped versions. These weak grip scissors can also be useful for children learning to use them safely.
Lightweight assisted scissors, ideal for those with limited grip strength.
A pair of ultra light-weight self-opening scissors.
A pair of loop-handled scissors that are much easier to use when compared to normal scissors.
These shears have a spring mechanism that re-opens the blades after each cut.
Mini scissors with a self-opening looped handle and a blade guard, suitable for left or right-handed use.
Spring-loaded scissors which open automatically, making them easy to use even with a weak grip.
Self-opening, easy to grip scissors which are suitable for people with reduced strength or dexterity in the hands.
This pair of scissors has easy to grip handles and an automatic reopening spring.
A pair of toenail clippers that have a long stem and angled blades to make them simple and easy to use.
A specially adapted pair of scissors with a large loop handle, maximising control and grip potential of fingers.
A specially designed pair of scissors that are easier to hold and use for people with a range of disabilities.
A long handled pair of toenail clippers that have a spring mechanism to automatically reopen them after a cut.
These scissors are easy to use with just one hand.
A table top mounted pair of scissors that are designed for use by people with one functioning hand.
A pair of scissors that are mounted on a non-slip plastic base to make them easier to use.