Children's Cutlery

Special cutlery designed to help children with a range of disabilities. Knives, forks and spoons in various designs, including strap on handles and built-up grips.
Plastic coated spoons ideal for people prone to biting down on cutlery, or with limited hand function.
This range of dining utensils has interchangeable PVC handles.
A spoon with a thick and easy to grip handle and a plastisol coated utensil.
A specially designed plastic feeding spoon with a small bowl that will not damage teeth or gums.
A range of specially designed children's cutlery that has flexible handles.
A durable feeding spoon with a narrow and shallow bowl, ideal for children or adults with limited mobility.
A range of nylon cutlery that are less likely to damage teeth.
A set of brightly coloured foam handles that can be inserted over cutlery to make them easier to hold.
A range of thick-handled spoons that have a plastisol coating on the utensil.
A brightly coloured cutlery set for children that is easy to grip and fun to use.
A set of lightweight plastic eating utensils that have angled ends to improve accuracy.