Cups & Mugs

Here you will find cups and mugs for ease of use for those with a weak grip or temperature sensitivity. A broad range of two handled mugs with spill reducing designs. Also included here are cups with non-spill valves and weighted bases. The effects of many disabilities make these valuable pieces of equipment.
This lid has a long and angled spout to make drinking easier and safer.
A drinking beaker that has volume markings and two large handles to make it easy to hold.
A unique drinking cup with a cut-out at the nose area, facilitating easier drinking and reducing spillages.
An anti-spill lid and an angled spout to be used with Medeci System Cups, assisting with easier drinking.
A two handled drinking mug designed for people with poor grip ability.
The Nose Cut-Out Glass is designed to facilitate drinking for those who have difficulty tilting the head or neck.
A clear plastic drinking cup that is easier to hold and use for people with grip issues.
A plastic cup that has a snap on lid with a spout to make drinking easier for people prone to spilling.
A range of lids with straight spouts that make drinking easier and less likely to cause spills.
A pack of two polypropylene drinking beakers and two lids with angled spouts.
A smart anti-spill lid, designed to release liquid with little suction and prevent spillages.
A pack of 2 drinking straws with a unique one-way valve and a simple clip-on attachment.
A simple and effective drinking cup that reduces the chance of spills.
Adapted straws which clip onto any utensil, facilitating drinking of most liquids.
This useful cover can be placed over existing cups and beakers to reduce spillages.
A specially designed cup that makes drinking easier.
A discreet lid for mugs that will restrict the flow of liquid and prevent choking.
A drinking mug with two large and easy to grasp handles.
A useful cup holder that has two large and easy to hold handles.
A simple yet effective drinks bottle with a long hose.
A simple yet effective tool that attaches a straw to the rim of a glass.
A unique drinking cup which can be used while lying down, reducing spillages and the need for carer assistance.
A durable yet lightweight mug with an extra large handle, ideal for people with limited dexterity or grip strength.
A sturdy polycarbonate drinking cup that is easy and comfortable to hold.
Durable yet lightweight melamine mug with a large handle and measurement markings, ideal for people with a weaker grip.
A clear one handled cup, with choice of an anti-splash lid or a feeding spout.
A unique cup with a nose cut-out, ideal for those who have difficulty tilting the head or neck.
A simple clip that enables a drinking straw to be held in place in a glass or bottle.
A clear plastic drinking cup that has a large handle and a choice of two lids.
A useful plastic cup that has two lids, one of which has a long drinking spout.