Specialised knives, forks and shears with adapted grips allowing easy use. The handles on many of these products are built to improve the control of the user, especially if they have a weak grip.
A bread knife with a thick, pistol-grip handle that makes it easier and less painful to use.
A specially designed knife with an angled, non-slip handle.
A stainless steel carving knife with a right-angled handle that is more comfortable to hold and use.
A carving fork that has a comfortable, angled handle that is in a pistol-grip style to reduce strain on the wrist.
A practical, easy to install wall mounted magnetic storage rack.
A polypropylene chopping board that has a number of features that enable it to be used one-handed.
A long stem lighting tool that reduces the danger of burning or damaging the fingers.
A fruit and vegetable peeler that has an easy to grasp handle.
A plastic board that can be used to spread condiments onto bread using just one hand.
A vegetable masher with a cushioned, horizontal handle that reduces the strength required to use it.
A simple wire basket that can be used to make cooking easier for people with hand strength restricions.
A versatile food preparation board that can be used with just one hand.
A sturdy holder that provides a stable base for pans while cooking.
A fruit and vegetable peeler that has a large, thick rubber handle.
A plastic food preparation board that can be used one-handed.
A wall-mounted, magnetic storage rack ideal for organising kitchen utensils such as knives.
A simple pan holder with suction cups and an epoxy wire frame, allowing easy one-handed cooking.
A vegetable peeler that has a thick handle and a swivelling blade.
A food preparation board that is designed for people with use of just one hand.
A durable plastic chopping board that has features to enable one-handed use.
A simple yet effective kitchen aid that enables one-handed food preparation.
A combined knife and fork with a curved blade, for easier and safer eating with only one hand.
This plastic tool can be used to grip and carry plates of hot food without burning the hand.
These shears have a spring mechanism that re-opens the blades after each cut.
A vegetable and fruit peeler that has a swivelling blade and thick handle.
A pan holder with extra width and suction cups to hold pans steady while stirring.
A multi purpose kitchen board that can be used by people with limited grip ability.
A simple tool that makes brewing cups of tea easier for people with poor dexterity.
A self-adhesive tape that can be used to make handles more comfortable and easier to grasp.
A bread knife with a pistol-grip handle that makes it easier and more comfortable to use.