Assessment & Rehabilitation

A physical and cognitive exercise and assessment range to provide a selection of practical and useful exercise, therapy and assessment tools for both users and professionals.
A large and angle adjustable mirror that allows the user to view their entire body.
Unique, durable 3, 4 or 5-section screen that can be folded for easy storage when not in use.
An exceptionally quiet, high performance airway suction device that helps achieve rapid patient comfort.
A set of sturdy hand rails that can assist in walking therapy.
A range of height and angle adjustable therapy benches.
A comfortable and supportive positioning system for aiding children with motor and neurological disabilities.
An accurate patient weighing chair with arm rests, a foot rest and a backrest, ideal for a range of medical uses.
A high quality precision scale which enables easy weighing of heavy or Bariatric patients, including a wheelchair if needed.
A pair of dense foam wedges that can promote proper lying positions.
A weighing tool which can be used with most hoists or simply as a portable scale, suiting patients up to 200kg.
A lightweight and economical method for measuring the weight and BMI of wheelchair users.
A set of durable hardwood steps that can be used in movement therapy and rehabilitation.
A highly supportive and individualised transport system for children and adults.
A unit that has steps of different heights on either side for use in rehab and movement therapy.
An extra-wide therapy table that can accommodate a therapist and patient simultaneously.
A low cost, digital BMI scale suitable for wheelchair users up to 250kg.
An assessment and treatment table designed for children that has angle and height adjustment.
A versatile table for use in rehab, assessment and treatment settings.