Moving & Handling

A comprehensive range of moving and handling products including ceiling hoists, slings, mobile hoists, transfer aids and many more specialised moving solutions.
A simple leg lifting tool that has two handles to allow for excellent control.
A supportive thigh lifting tool which helps gently position the leg following an injury or surgery.
A flexible yet strong leg-lifting tool which gently cradles the foot and allows easy manoeuvring of the leg.
An economical leg-raising aid which helps you gently manoeuvre the leg into position when transferring to another seat.
A light and flexible lifting aid which helps lift the leg safely - a practical option after a surgery.
A range of versatile foam shapes that can be used as positioning supports.
A comfortable leg-raising aid which helps people with reduced mobility to get into or out of any seat.
A simple rotating disc that can be used to make transferring between chairs easier.
A sturdy rotating disc that facilitates easier transfers between chairs and beds.
This rotating disc makes getting in and out of cars much easier.
Gentle, low friction transfer sheets that are ideal for repositioning elderly or less mobile clients.
A strong nylon strap with a rubber hand grip that can be used to assist in transfers in and out of cars.
A versatile and safe patient transfer sheet with a double layer of fabric to enhance comfort.
A birch plywood board that can be used for patient transfers.
A useful tool that can be used to assist in car transfers.
A smooth glide sheet that facilitates patient moving.
A useful rotating cushion that makes transferring in and out of cars and other seats easier.
A useful transfer sheet that makes moving patients safer and easier.
A sturdy plywood board that can be used to move patients more safely.
A useful turntable set that enables a user to rotate their body and thus get in and out of cars easier.
These lightweight plastic transfer boards are ideal for self transfers when bridging small gaps.
A useful seat pad that allows the user to rotate their entire body freely.
A useful transfer board with a curved shape that makes it ideal for wheelchair transfers.
A useful sheet that allows a patient to be moved safely and with less strain on the carer.
A specially shaped patient transfer board made from birch plywood.
A padded turning cushion that allows the user to rotate their body without strain.
A comfortable and padded patient transfer belt which assists a safe and supportive change of position.
Convenient handling belts that assist carers during patient transfers and position changing, available in two styles.
A birch transfer board that has a curved shape to make it particularly useful for wheelchair based transfers.
A forged steel handgrip that can be used to assist in car transfers.