Moving & Handling

A comprehensive range of moving and handling products including ceiling hoists, slings, mobile hoists, transfer aids and many more specialised moving solutions.
A non-slip pad that can be used to make bed, chair and wheelchair transfers safer.
A soft fabric sling that can be used to move and position patients.
A uniquely designed transfer sheet with a non-slip panel for safety.
A durable transfer board in a unique curving shape that enables easier assisted or self-transfer from one surface to another.
A handling belt that can be used to safely lift and move patients.
A padded belt with four well-placed handles that can be used to assist in safer patient transfers.
A useful fabric sheet that allows for easy repositioning in a chair or bed.
An extra wide, curved transfer board that is designed for larger and heavier people.
A multipack of three popular sizes of the Multi- Mover Plus slide sheets, brightly coloured for easy identification.
A cushioned seat that can be used to make getting up from a chair or out of a car easier.
An ultra safe and comfortable patient handling belt which facilitates position transfers.
A sturdy turning table with a smooth action and easy braking mechanism, ideal for patient transfers.
This low-friction sheet makes moving and positioning patients easier and safer.
A birch plywood transfer board that can aid in safer patient moving.
A simple yet effective cushion that makes rotating the body easier and safer.
A uniquely designed sheet that enables patient repositioning and also stops them from sliding forwards.
A high quality patient transfer sling suitable for amputees, in polyester or net fabric.
A unique loop design cushion that aids patient transfer, allowing backward movement only.
A secure and comfortable sling that fits most standard mobile hoists with coat-hanger style spreader bars.
A handy seat cushion that enables the user to safely and smoothly rotate in and out of a car seat.
A one-way slide sheet with a built-in pressure care foam pad, providing the patient with extra comfort.
This transfer board enables easier and safer patient moving.
A high quality plastic transfer board that can be used to move patients in safety.
A high quality transfer sling with a padded back and head rest.
A deluxe patient transfer hoist which can accommodate users up to 31 stone.
A padded, comfortable hoist ideal for safe patient transfer to a commode or toilet seat.
A transportation sling suitable to a range of patient transfer scenarios, in three flexible sizes.
A patient transfer sling ideal for the safe manoeuvring of patients onto a toilet or commode seat.
A soft and flexible mattress overlay that doubles as an evacuation carrying device.
A high quality polyester sling that can be used with a hoist to safely move patients.