Moving & Handling

A comprehensive range of moving and handling products including ceiling hoists, slings, mobile hoists, transfer aids and many more specialised moving solutions.
This patient transfer board is extremely strong and sturdy.
A handy rail that can be positioned next to a sofa to assist in transferring on and off.
A highly supportive polyester sling with enhanced head section that can be used with a hoist for patient moving.
A specially designed sling that can be used with a hoist to enable a patient to be dressed.
A highly supportive and lightweight sling that enables comfortable and safe hoist transfers.
This curved board can be used to move patients without needing to lift them.
A fully supportive sling which cradles users in a comfortable seated position.
A patient transfer sling with a comprehensive and supportive design that can be used with a hoist.
A bed sheet and draw sheet that can be used together to make moving in bed easier.
A smooth patient transfer slide with hand holes and a non-slip base, ideal for use with the Transfer Glide Sheet.
This supportive sling can be used to transport patients to and from the toilet.
A highly supportive and padded sling that can be used in conjunction with a joist to move patients.
A highly supportive and durable transfer sling for moving patients that require extra bracing.
This rotating disc and glide sheet makes patient transfers easier and safer.
A useful aid that makes patient transfers easier and safer to perform.
This rotating stand can be used to facilitate easier and safer patient transfers.
This is for the Rotalite Transfer Platform Knee Block only.
A transfer board that is designed for moving between car seats and wheelchairs.
A transfer board that is shaped specifically to enable use with wheelchairs.
This useful patient rotating device enables easier transfers.
A useful patient turning aid that can make transfers easier and safer.
This patient moving tool makes transfers easier and safer.
This useful patient transfer tool ensures safety for the carer and patient.
An inflatable leg lifter that can aid in getting into bed.
This electric patient transfer tool makes moving patients easier and safer.
A compact, versatile hoist suitable for a range of patient transfer scenarios.
A versatile hoist designed to cope with a wide range of lifting and transfer scenarios.
This supportive and portable frame makes patient transfers easier and safer.
This nursing bench is height adjustable and comfortable for the patient.
An innovative stair climbing device that is useful for wheelchair users and people with poor mobility.