Tripod & Tetrapod Walking Sticks

Three and four legged walking sticks to increase stability. Our range of tripods and tetrapods are made from aluminium, so they're lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
A walking stick with a specially shaped handle and a wide, stable base.
A supportive walking aid with a stable base section and a contoured handle.
A walking cane with an extra wide and stable base section.
This aluminium cane has a wide and stable base and a comfortable handle.
This walking aid has a stable and wide base and a comfortable foam handle.
A walking aid with four, widely spaced feet for increased stability.
A walking stick with four non-slip feet for enhanced security and stability.
A walking aid that provides increased stability through its four feet.
A range of walking sticks with extra wide and stable base sections.
An extra stable and supportive walking stick with four feet.
A walking aid that has four feet for a wider and more stable base.
A walking stick with an extra stable base for increased security.