Wheelchair Accessories & Scooter Accessories

In this section you will find wheelchair accessories for people who use wheelchairs or scooters. These range from waterproof clothing and covers, through to wheelchair gloves and umbrellas. Also included in this wheelchair accessories section are foldaway tables.
A useful stickers that can be placed in the windows of a disabled persons car.
This unique key provides access to over 7000 public toilets throughout the country.
An attractive, personalised key ring for your wheelchair or mobility scooter, engraved with the wording of your choice.
A simple tax disc holder that is ideal for using on a mobility scooter.
These reflector lights can be attached to the body of a mobility scooter.
A faux leather wallet that can be used to safely store and display a disabled parking badge.
A fun way of personalising a mobility scooter or wheelchair.
This versatile reflective tape can be attached to a range of items to increase visibility.
These fluorescent yellow reflective bands can be worn around the arm or ankle.
A sports bottle with a large loop handle.
A pair of plastic half-sleeves that protect the clothing of a self-propelled wheelchair user.
A versatile net storage bag that can be attached to the rear of a wheelchair.
A simple strap that can be fixed to a wheelchair and used to support the lower legs.
A fantastic accompaniment to the Koze Toze, this unique hand warmer helps keep hands snug, cosy and protected from rain.
A fantastic accessory for the Safety Lap Strap, providing a warm and comfortable fleece cover that gives added protection.
These safety belts can be used on mobility scooters or wheelchairs.
A handy cover that protects the control panel of mobility scooters, protecting them from all weathers.
A strong and sturdy nylon seatbelt that offers wheelchair users extra safety.
A nylon seatbelt that provides extra security for wheelchair users.
A strong nylon seatbelt that can be used with wheelchairs from the Z-Tec range.
A fluorescent hi-vis jacket with reflective strips.
A useful waterproof cover that keeps the seat of a mobility scooter dry.
These gloves are designed to protect the hands of self-propelled wheelchair users.
This waterproof cover is designed to protect the controls of a mobility scooter from rain.
A waterproof cover that can be used over a mobility scooter seat and backrest.
A bottle with a long drinking tube attached.
A waterproof cover that can be used to cover and protect a mobility scooter control panel from bad weather.
These gloves are made for self-propelled wheelchair users.
This fluorescent and reflective waistcoat ensures the wearer is visible in low light.
A storage bag that can be attached to the arm rest of a mobility scooter.