Wheelchair Accessories & Scooter Accessories

In this section you will find wheelchair accessories for people who use wheelchairs or scooters. These range from waterproof clothing and covers, through to wheelchair gloves and umbrellas. Also included in this wheelchair accessories section are foldaway tables.
A mobility scooter accessory consisting of a rear hold-all and two side panniers, perfect for carrying all your belongings.
A waterproof cover for protecting a mobility scooter when it is parked outside.
A waterproof plastic cover for protecting a mobility scooter that is parked outside.
A strong nylon strap that can be used as as seat belt to secure a wheelchair user.
A water and windproof jacket for wheelchair users.
A waterproof cover designed to fit over a mobility scooter.
A waterproof rain jacket designed for wheelchair users.
A practical step that can be used during seated transfers or as a step up to a toilet, saving effort from carers.
A wooden lap tray that can be attached securely to a wheelchair.
A headrest that can be attached to a wheelchair to provide support and comfort.
A plastic, fold-up lap tray that can be easily fitted to a wheelchair.
A sturdy table designed to be used by people in wheelchairs.
A forearm support that can be fixed to a wheelchair.
A versatile pillow filled with polystyrene beads that can be shaped for optimum support.
A forearm trough that can be used with the WREX (Wilminton Robotic EXoskeleton.
This mounting bracket is compatible with MultiLink arm supports.
A support arm that can be fitted to a wheelchair.
This tilting table is designed to be used with powered wheelchairs.
A high quality arm support designed for people with neuromuscular conditions.