Wheelchair & Scooter Clothing

Capes, coats and man other items of protective garments for people in wheelchairs or scooters. Welcome Mobility has a range of useful items, in various colours, sizes and styles.
A pair of plastic half-sleeves that protect the clothing of a self-propelled wheelchair user.
A fantastic accompaniment to the Koze Toze, this unique hand warmer helps keep hands snug, cosy and protected from rain.
This pair of winter gloves is designed to be worn by self-propelled wheelchair users.
A waterproof cover designed to protect wheelchair users from rain.
A waterproof lower body apron that provides weather protection.
A waterproof cape specially designed for wheelchair users, providing warmth and protection to the upper body.
A comfortable and cosy cover-up for the legs and feet, specially designed for wheelchair users.
A fully waterproof poncho for children using wheelchairs, available in three sizes.
A waterproof poncho designed for wheelchair users.
A waterproof weather protection cover for the legs of wheelchair users.
A lined or unlined wheelchair poncho without sleeves, ideal for warmer months.
A water and wind-proof cover designed for wheelchair users.
A waterproof rain cover that can be worn whilst sitting in a wheelchair.
A waterproof weather cover to protect wheelchair users.
A waterproof rain mac that covers the entire body and head.
It has a concealed hood and has been designed to provide upper body protection whilst using the Kozee Toze.
A weatherproof cover that can be used to provide full-body weather protection to a child in a wheelchair.
A sleeved version of the hugely popular Mobility Poncho, in two different versions.
A water and wind-proof poncho designed for wheelchair users.
A waterproof and warm weather protection cosy for wheelchair users.
A fully waterproof rain mac designed for wheelchair users.
This water and windproof leg cover is designed for wearing on a mobility scooter.
A completely waterproof, full body cape for wheelchair use, with a convenient storage pouch and concealed hood.
A fur-lined and waterproof weather cover for wheelchair users.
A weather cover that can be used to keep the legs of child wheelchair users warm and dry.
A full-length, comfortable and waterproof coat specially designed for users of mobility scooters.
A water and wind-proof cape that protects the legs of a mobility scooter rider.
A waterproof weather cover that can be worn on a mobility scooter.
This waterproof cover protects a mobility scooter and the rider from bad weather.
An practical, full-body cover with sleeves, designed to provide comfort and waterproof protection for wheelchair users.