Knee Supports

This department features knee supports and braces made to relieve pain or help recovery from injury. Here you will find breathable, comfortable products with a variety of beneficial properties. The knee supports are available in a range of sizes. The correct use of a knee support can be an important tool in recovery from injury.

A highly supportive knee brace made from Coolmax and Airprene fabrics.
A knee support sleeve with metal hinges for bracing.
A supportive and stabilising knee brace that is useful for treating a range of conditions.
A highly supportive need sleeve with two hinges for added bracing.
A brushed nylon leg brace that can be used to support and stabilise the knee joint.
A knee support sleeve that can be used to gently compress and stabilise the knee joint.
A versatile knee support providing stability and gentle compression, ideal for relieving a wide range of knee issues and injuries.
An elastic knee sleeve that can aid in stability and prevent injuries.
An adjustable knee band which provides effective compression and relief to the Patella tendon, an area susceptible to injury or discomfort.
A specially designed athletic tape that is infused with negative ions.
A neoprene knee support that can help to treat and prevent injuries.
A comfortable knee support that combines compression, stability and heat therapy to help relive injury or pain of the joint.
A comfortable knee support made from heat therapeutic Neoprene, for effective compression and pain relief.
A pair of wedges to support and cushion the knees and lower back while caring for patients, with a handy carry bag.
A kit that contains strips of athletic tape that are infused with negative ions.
This splint support for the shin and calf can be adjusted with three straps.
A compression knee sleeve that offers support and stability.
A warming knee sleeve that helps to alleviate pain.
A high quality knee brace with in-built cushioning and stays.