Incontinence Pads

Pads for use inside underwear for a range of incontinence severity. These pads are available in a number of absorbencies and sizes.
An absorbent pad that provides incontinence protection.
A pack of absorbent incontinence pads with self adhesive strips.
An incontinence pad that can be worn in normal underwear using a self-adhesive strip.
A pack of lightweight, discreet absorbent pads that provide light incontinence protection.
A specially shaped absorbent pad for light incontinence protection.
A pack of 25 absorbent incontinence pads.
A economical pack of absorbent incontinence pads.
A pack of absorbent incontinence pads that can be fixed directly to the skin.
A range of high quality and absorbent incontinence pads.
A well designed and highly absorbent incontinence pad.
An absorbent pad designed to be used with incontinence pouch pants.
A pack of heavy duty incontinence pads that provide a high level of protection.
This innovative tool enables the hygienic disposal of personal care products such as incontinence pads.