Raised Toilet Seats

Specialised raised toilet seats designed to reduce user strain. Raised seats make sitting down to use the toilet much easier.
An instant comfort and height boost to an existing toilet seat or commode.
Lightweight plastic construction - strong and durable.
A plastic toilet seat raiser that makes using the toilet easier for people with mobility issues.
A moulded plastic toilet seat raiser that makes using the toilet simpler and safer.
A soft, padded cushion seat that can be instantly attached to your existing toilet for added height and comfort.
This moulded plastic toilet seat raises the height of a toilet to make it easier to use.
Raised seat with the added refinement of a moulded plastic lid.
This ABS plastic toilet seat makes transferring on and off the toilet easier.
This contoured plastic seat effectively raises the height of the toilet.
A luxurious toilet seat raiser which adds height and comfort to your existing toilet.
A plastic toilet seat that effectively raises the height of the seat.
A toilet seat with foam padding and a vinyl cover.
The Lite has the same benefits as the traditional Mowbray Toilet Frame, with a modernised higher seat and shorter chute.
This raised toilet seat is bright red to make it visible and obvious.
A unique toilet seat that has a smaller seat built-in for use by children.
A contoured plastic toilet seat that has an increased diameter to make it suitable for larger users.
A raised and sloping toilet seat specially designed for users who cannot flex their hips.
A toilet frame with extra width between arms, ideal for providing easier access to the toilet.
A toilet seat raiser that makes transferring on and off the seat easier.
A toilet seat raiser with an extra large front cut-out to enable easy personal cleaning.
A moulded plastic toilet seat that can be used to raise the height of the seat.
A raised toilet seat with armrests for extra support.
A sturdy toilet frame with a wider seat and extra space between the arms.
A padded toilet seat which increases height and comfort - ideal for children transitioning from potty use.
An extra-wide and sturdy toilet seat that can accommodate larger and heavier users.
An toilet seat with a large seat surface that is perfect for heavier and bigger people.
An effective lifting tool that allows the user to retain toileting independence.