Projects, quizes, puzzles and other structured activities either for therapy purposes or just for fun.
A large-print A4 book containing the words for 100 popular songs - a fantastic music therapy resource for children or adults.
A set of egg cups that can be individually decorated.
A musical game where players try to recognise tunes from the 1930s up to the 1960s, an ideal activity for people in care homes.
A pack of photo cards that can be used to promote discussion and memory recall.
A pack of biography cards that feature famous people from the 1940's to the 1980's.
A simple activity cube that can help develop fine motor skills.
A versatile activity book which features 100 non-competitive activities, suiting a wide spectrum of user groups and abilities.
This cute provides a fun group activity for children.
A quiz book that can be used with elderly patients to stimulate memories.
A useful kit for testing perception and sensory abilities.
A 30-hole wooden pegboard and brightly coloured pegs to entertain users of any age and ability.
This testing shield is useful for helping a patient focus during sensory assessment.
A kit containing a range of interesting objects for use in tactile therapy.
This board can be used in motor control and sensory training.
A sensory kit that contains a variety of interesting and unusual objects.
A great sensory and tactile resource for Occupational or Play Therapists working with children.
A bag containing a range of interesting objects that can be used in tactile therapy.
This pack contains a number of musical instruments from around the world.
A useful activity that can be used to develop mental and physical attributes in people with disabilities.
A kit containing a range of interesting objects for use in tactile therapy.
A large circular table that can accommodate up to four people at once.