Games & Needlework

This section features simple games and other structured leisure activities. These include items to assist holding and shuffling cards, bingo kits and many lightly physical games for the garden or living room.
A playing card organiser that holds your cards in a perfect fan throughout the game.
Extra large playing cards with clear, bold markings, ideal for people with visual impairments.
A clever tool for helping thread needles with ease, ideal for people with limited vision or muscle tremors.
A lightweight clear plastic card holder which keeps all your playing cards visible and organised.
A pack of extra large playing cards that are easy to see and hold.
A useful plastic tool that can be used to hold playing cards in place, ideal for people with grip issues.
A useful tool that will hold a hand of playing cards in view and make playing easier for people with grip restrictions.
A useful activity pack that can be used with groups to aid in memory recall.
This cute provides a fun group activity for children.
An adapted Scrabble board with extra large tiles and letters, enabling people with visual impairments to play this classic game.
A fun and stimulating game for groups of elderly people, relating to memories, life history and accomplishments.
A kit containing a range of interesting objects for use in tactile therapy.
A musical kit that contains 20 instruments and a storage box.
A wooden easel that enables a group to play the classic game of noughts and crosses.
A giant version of the classic table top game, ideal for outdoor play.
A versatile tool that can be used to train motor and physical skills.
A set of high quality percussion instruments for groups of up to 30 people of any age or ability.