Home Exercise Equipment

Ideas to help people exercise around the home. This section features items designed to help keep personal fitness fun without too much strain. Home exercising can be a valuable way for many people to remain active and as fit as possible.
A range of vinyl covered dumbbells for use in exercise and rehabilitation.
A range of therapy balls that can be used to train the strength and dexterity of the hands and fingers.
A range of gel balls that can be squeezed in the hand in order to improve grip strength.
Helps to strengthen muscles and improve balance - good fun to use in group sessions.
A range of color coded gel balls that can be used to strengthen hands and fingers.
A range of therapy and massage balls with a spiky surface.
A range of vinyl coated dumbbells for use in physical training and therapy.
A colourful hand-held device which helps blow up smaller inflatables such as Gym Balls.
A range of high quality elastic exercise bands that have applications in rehab, therapy and physical training.
Latex-free exercise bands for a range of fitness activities, in three colour-coded resistance levels.
A unique tool that can be used to strengthen the hand, fingers and forearms.
A plastic hand pump that can be used to inflate gym balls and other therapy equipment.
A rubber hand exerciser that can be squeezed and compressed to strengthen the hand and fingers.
This range of stretchy bands can be used in exercise and rehab protocols.
A colourful range of exercise balls ideal for exercises such as yoga and pilates.
A unique device that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce the occurrence of incontinence.
This hand exerciser can be use to strengthen a person's grip.
A range of accessories for the Revitive circulation booster.
A wobble board that is designed for use in rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.
This pedal exerciser can help restore muscle strength, tone and circulation to the lower and upper body.
A lightweight pedal exerciser, perfect for those recovering from injury or surgery.
A simple strap-on weight that can be used for resistance training.
A range of inflatable gym balls that can be used in training, therapy and rehab.
An innovative device that can be used to attenuate pain in the hand and arm.
These exercise and rehabilitation bands have a latex-free design.
A range of inflatable exercise balls that can be used in physical training and therapy.
A convenient over-door exercise pulley, to help improve range of motion and coordination in one arm.
A range of elasticated exercise bands that can be used in training and therapy.
A gentle pedal exerciser that is ideally suited to home exercise programs.
This gentle pedal exerciser helps build muscle strength, circulation and fitness from the comfort of a chair.