Home Exercise Equipment

Ideas to help people exercise around the home. This section features items designed to help keep personal fitness fun without too much strain. Home exercising can be a valuable way for many people to remain active and as fit as possible.
A simple yet effective method for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
A wooden board that can tilt and thus be used in physical therapy and rehabilitation.
A soft and comfortable exercise mat with a handy carry bag.
A medical device that can reduce the symptoms of COPD.
An inflatable cushoin that can be used to train balance and proprioception in a seated or standing position.
An inflatable plastic disc that can be used in a standing or seated position for balance and proprioceptive development.
A range of foam blocks that can be used to strengthen hands and fingers.
A versatile training tool that is useful in proprioceptive, sensory and balance training.
A gentle pedal exerciser that can be used from the comfort of your chair, for many therapeutic benefits.
A wooden wobble board that can be used to strengthen the ankles and train balance.
A wobble board that is useful for training, therapy and rehabilitation.
An innovative pedal exerciser with a smart pedometer that enables easy tracking of your progress.
A thick foam mat that can be used in exercise and physical therapy.
A rehab tool for use in treating shoulder, knee and ankle injuries.
A useful rocking platform that can be used to strengthen the lower limbs.
A range of stretchy rubber exercise bands that are available different resistance levels.
A set of small, lightweight dumbbells that can be used in training, rehab and therapy.
A wooden rocker board that is useful for physiotherapy and rehab.
A soft foam pad that can be used to practice balance and test the weight bearing capability of the user.
An innovative exercise tool designed for post-stroke patients.
A battery powered belt that stimulates the abdominal muscles using four electrodes.
An extra-thick and comfortable mat for exercise and rehab purposes.
A versatile tool that can be used to train motor and physical skills.