Reading Magnifiers

This section features reading magnifiers. These devices feature large lense magnifiers to make it easy to read even with poor eyesight. These are available in flat or tilting models, some of which can magnify whole pages at a time.
A compact, lightweight version of the Full Page Magnifier, helping users with visual impairments to read small areas of text more easily.
A handy sized magnification device that will fit into a purse or wallet and always be ready for ue.
A handy pocket-sized magnifying glass which is ideal for reading maps, timetables or newspapers wherever you go.
A traditional-looking magnification glass with a lens that provides 5x magnification.
A magnifying glass with a built-in light.
A large magnification device that is useful for reading small text and for craft activities.
A useful magnifying glass with a light bulb built in.
A dual use tool that can open a bottle top and assist in reading the fine print on the label.
A useful magnification device that can be used to make small text easier to read.
A compact magnifying glass complete with a LED light for use in poor lighting.
A large magnification device with a rigid and durbable lens.
A magnification device that can be used to make reading easier for people with poor vision.
A large magnification device that has a fold out stand to enable hands-free use.
A useful tool that makes reading easier for people with vision impairments.
A free-standing magnifying glass with a stable base and a flexible arm, assisting with a wide range of activities.