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Anti-Tamper Care Alarm

Anti-Tamper Care Alarm

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Our Anti-Tamper Care Alarm can be used to monitor the status of a patient.

It will notify a carer when a patient falls out of bed or wanders off unexpectedly.

It consists of a sensor mat and a monitor unit.

The mat can be configured to send an alarm to the unit, either when pressure is released or when pressure is added.

This means it can be used effectively as a mattress or chair underlay, or as a floor mat.

The Anti-Tamper Care Alarm also features a draw-string mechanism that can be attached to a patient's clothing.

When they move unexpectedly, the drawstring is pulled out of the unit and will thus send an alert.

The unit requires four AA batteries.

Small mat: 250 x 250mm (10 x 10 inch).

Large mat: 760 x 250mm (30 x 10 inch).

Unit height: 100mm (4 inch).

Unit width: 100mm (4 inch).

Unit thickness: 40mm (1 1/2 inch).

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