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Brillo Gaiter Trainer

Brillo Gaiter Trainer

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The Brillo Gaiter Trainer provides a highly supportive seat for young children that also allows them to move independently.

The frame is made from steel to make it sturdy and it is height adjustable.

For comfort, the seat is padded and has a plastic coating for durability.

To enable a personalised fit, the handlebar is depth and height adjustable.

Four tough castors make the Brillo portable, and these have bumpers to prevent damage.

The seat is shaped to promote the correct posture and allow for rotation of the torso.

An abduction block supports the pelvis.

The Brillo Gaiter Trainer is suitable for children between the ages of two and eight.


Extra Small

Weight: 8.5kg (1 1/2 stone).

Seat depth: 180mm (7 inch).

Seat width: 220mm (8 1/2 inch).

Width: 590mm (23 1/2 inch).

Length: 480mm (23 inch).

Height: 340-480mm (14-19 inch).

Leg height: 190-250mm (7 1/2-10 inch).

Max safe user weight: 30kg (4 3/4 stone).



Weight: 10kg (1 3/4 stone).

Seat depth: 200mm (8 inch).

Seat width: 260mm (10 1/4 inch).

Width: 650mm (26 inch).

Length: 490mm (19 1/4 inch).

Height: 380-540mm (16-22 inch).

Leg height: 200-280mm (8-11 inch).

Max safe user weight: 40kg (6 1/2 stone).



Weight: 11kg (1 3/4 stone).

Seat depth: 230mm (9 inch).

Seat width: 300mm (12 inch).

Width: 730mm (29 inch).

Length: 570mm (23 inch).

Height: 400-600mm (16-24 inch).

Leg height: 200-320mm (8-12 1/2 inch).

Max safe user weight: 50kg (8 stone).



Weight: 12.8kg (2 stone).

Seat depth: 300mm (12 inch).

Seat width: 380mm (15 inch).

Width: 780mm (31 inch).

Length: 580mm (27 inch).

Height: 480-640mm (23-25 1/2 inch).

Leg height: 200-380mm (8-15 inch).

Max safe user weight: 60kg (9 1/2 stone).

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