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Coolmax Long Wrist Brace

Coolmax Long Wrist Brace

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This Coolmax Long Wrist Brace will support and stabilize the wrist joint and hand.

It is shaped to allow the finger and thumb to still move unrestricted.

The Coolmax design makes it breathable to prevent the build up of heat and moisture.

It is also machine washable and fast drying.

The Coolmax Long Wrist Brace can attenuate conditions such as arthritis, ulna instability and dropped wrist.

Separate versions are available for each hand.

Extra Small: 14cm (6 inch).

Small: 14-16.5cm (6-7 inch).

Medium: 16.5-19cm (7-8 inch).

Large: 19-21.5cm (8-9 inch).

Extra Large: over 21.5cm (9 inch).

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