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Dry Pro Cast and Dressing Protectors

Dry Pro Cast and Dressing Protectors

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This range of Dry Pro Cast and Dressing Protectors are well-made and heavy duty.

They are designed to protect casts and bandages from water damage.

A unique vacuum sealing mechanism makes them extremely effective.

The main body of the protector is made from surgical-quality latex for durability.

This allows the Dry Pro Cast and Dressing Protectors to be used during bathing, but also during more vigorous activities such as swimming and watersports.

Half-Arm Small

Limb Circumference: 197-254mm (8-10 inch).

Length: 445mm (18 inch).

Half Arm Large

Limb Circumference: 255mm (10 inch).

Length: 508mm (20 inch).

Full Arm X-Small

Limb Circumference: 152-171mm (6-7 inch).

Length: 406mm (16 inch).

Full Arm Small

Limb Circumference: 172-222mm (7-9 inch).

Length: 584mm (23 1/2 inch)

Full Arm Medium

Limb Circumference: 223-254mm (9-10 inch).

Length: 711mm (28 inch).

Full Arm Large

Limb Circumference: over 255mm (10 inch).

Length: 800mm (32 inch).

Half Leg Small

Limb Circumference: 254-330mm (10-13 inch).

Length: 533mm (21 1/2 inch).

Half Leg Large

Limb Circumference: over 331mm (13 1/4 inch).

Length: 597mm (24 inch).

Full Leg Small

Limb Circumference: 356-419mm (14-17 inch).

Length: 737mm (29 1/2 inch).

Full Leg Medium

Limb Circumference: 420-533mm (17-21 1/2 inch).

Length: 838mm (33 1/2 inch).

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