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Dyna-Gel Therapy Ball

Dyna-Gel Therapy Ball

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This Dyna-Gel Therapy Ball can be used to train the muscles and tendons of the hand and fingers.

They are designed to be squeezed between the hands and will give a springy resistance.

When pressure is released they return to their original shape.

The Dyna-Gel Therapy Ball can be supplied in different colours that denote the resistance level.

Customer Reviews

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Great product and service. Gel balls recommended by my physiotherapist. Costs very reasonable. Yvonne Leck.

I work as a rehab specialist in ford transmissions and use the gel balls quite a lot with my patients as our biggest injuries are medical and lateral epicondylitis which effects the hand grip. The gel balls are brilliant as they have different strengths to progress the patients through the rehab. 5 out 5 for the products i have used and would use again. Kind regards. Carla Yue.

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