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Elevating Bathing Cushion

Elevating Bathing Cushion

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Our Elevating Bathing Cushion makes taking a bath more comfortable and safer.

It can be inflated and positioned as a backrest.

The air can be slowly let out and the user is thus gently lowered into the bath.

When the required level is obtained a small amount of air can be left in the Elevating Bathing Cushion so it can be used as a comfort aid.

Once the bath is over, the cushion can be re-inflated to lift the user up.

The inflation action is battery powered.

Seat height: 2-40cm (3/4 to 15 3/4 inch).

Seat depth: 44cm (17 1/2 inch).

Seat width: 58cm (23 inch).

Backrest width: 54cm (21 inch)

Backrest depth: 33cm (13 inch).

Inflation hose length: 1.8m (72 inch).

Weight: 2kg (1/4 stone).

Max safe user weight: 150kg (23 stone).

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