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Good Grips Cutlery

Good Grips Cutlery

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The handles of this Good Grips Cutlery range are extra thick and feature ribbing.

This makes them comfortable to hold and easier to use for people with grasping and hand strength restrictions.

A unique twisted stem allows the spoons and forks to be bent at an angle.

This makes them easier to use and allows each person to customize to their own preferences.

A latex-free rubber and stainless steel construction makes the Good Grips Cutlery dishwasher safe.

The cutlery can also be supplied with weighted handles to improve control.

Rocker knife

Length: 210mm (8 1/4 inch).

Weight: 82g (3oz).


Length: 205mm (8 inch).

Weight: 68g (2oz).


Length: 200mm (7 3/4 inch).

Weight: 78g (3oz).


Length: 185mm (71 1/4 inch).

Weight: 74g (2 1/2oz).


Length: 180mm (7 inch).

Weight: 78g (2 3/4oz).

Serrated rocker knife

Length: 210mm (8 inch).

Weight: 85g (3oz).

Weighted rocker knife

Length: 210mm (8 inch).

Weight: 181g (6oz).

Weighted tablespoon

Length: 210mm (8 inch).

Weight: 180g (6oz).

Weighted teaspoon

Length: 185mm (7 1/4 inch).

Weight: 185g (6 1/2oz).

Weighted souper spoon

Length: 180mm (7 inch).

Weight: 174g (6oz).

Customer Reviews

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My husband is losing the feeling in his hands and the Good Grips Cutlery I purchased is a boon. He keeps his self-esteem and I am pleased about that! 5 star rating for this product. The service from your company is exemplary. Jean Cunningham.

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