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Hands-Free Magnifying Glass

Hands-Free Magnifying Glass

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The Hands-Free Magnifying Glass is a simple and effective reading aid.

It can be used to increase the size of small print and is therefore ideal for people with vision impairments.

A cord means the Hands-Free Magnifying Glass to be hung around the neck.

The fold-out frame allows the glass to be rested on the chest of the user and held out at a suitable angle for reading.

This leaves the hands free to hold the book or magazine.

The frame also allows the magnifier to be propped up on a desk surface.

Dual LED bulbs on the underside can be used for illumination if required.

The lens also features a smaller section with increased magnification.

Lens diameter: 100mm (4 inch).

Lens magnification: 2x.

Small lens diameter: 22mm (1 inch).

Small lens magnification: 6x.

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