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Harley Proform Ultra Cushion

Harley Proform Ultra Cushion

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This Harley Proform Ultra Cushion can be used on car seats, chairs and in wheelchairs.

It is made from high grade foam to make it comfortable and supportive.

The top surface features nodules.

These contribute to effective pressure relief and allow fresh air to circulate underneath the user.

The Harley Proform Ultra Cushion is therefore perfect for people that spend extended time sitting down.

A faux-suede cover is included.

Thickness: 10cm (4 inch).


43 x 43cm (17 x 17 inch).


43 x 43 (17 x 17 inch).


43 x 43cm (17 x 17 inch).


43 x 43cm (17 x 17 inch).

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