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Heathfield Chairs

Heathfield Chairs

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This range of Heathfield Chairs are designed for children.

They are suitable for use at home or at school or nursery.

A sturdy hardwood frame makes them safe and secure.

The frame has also had an anti-microbial treatment added to increase hygiene in multi-user settings.

A padded seat and backrest make the Heathfield Chairs comfortable.

For safety, a pelvic strap is included.

The side armrests can be supplied as either fixed or adjustable height.

Size 1

Height: 180-230mm (7-9 inch).

Depth of seat: 180-240mm (7-9 1/2 inch).

Width: 240mm (9 1/2 inch).

Backrest height: 250mm (9 3/4 inch).

Size 2

Height: 200-300mm (8-11 1/2 inch).

Depth of seat: 220-310mm (9-12 inch).

Width: 280mm (11 inch).

Backrest height: 280mm (11 inch).

Size 3

Height: 240-370mm (9 1/2-14 1/2 inch).

Depth of seat: 325-425mm (12 1/2-16 inch).

Width: 325mm (12 3/4 inch).

Backrest height: 320mm (12 1/2 inch).

Size 4

Height: 290-390mm (11 3/4-15 inch).

Depth of seat: 325-425mm (12 1/2-16 inch).

Width: 365mm (14 1/2 inch).

Backrest height: 365mm (14 1/2 inch).

Size 5

Height: 325-425mm (12 3/4-16 3/4 inch).

Depth of seat: 370-460mm (14 1/2-18 inch).

Width: 435mm (17 inch).

Backrest height: 420mm (16 1/2 inch).

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